It started with a pumpkin patch...

The Nester family began a pumpkin farm in 2010, when the owners, Paige and George, decided to get some beehives to help pollinate their plants. Two hives turned into four, four turned into eight, and the rest is history! George has a doctorate in Pharmacy and Paige has a teaching certificate in art and biology. Their love for science has turned into a love for beekeeping. They now run the farm full time along with help from family and friends. Their daughter, Blake Nester, has helped them run the farm since she's graduated college and with the addition of an event space and Honey Buzz Winery, they're all very busy bees.  

Video retrieved from: West Texas A&M University

Blake Nester is the daughter of George and Paige. She does enjoy helping her parents grow and run their family business.