Creek House â€‹Honey Farm

Creek House Honey Farm was established in 2011.  The owners, George and Paige
Nester love to garden! In the winter of 2010, they decided to order a
couple of bee hives to help pollinate their plants.  Two hives turned
into four and four turned into eight and the rest is history!  George is
a pharmacist and Paige is an art teacher with a biology background.
Their love for science has turned into a love for beekeeping.  George
and Paige have three children, Carley, Blake and Caiden who also help on
the farm.  Everyone pitches in to pull honey and package it along with
the beeswax products that Paige creates.  It is a true family business!  There are also other close family members (cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents) and friends that help in busy times of the season.