Beehive tours 

Learn about the fascinating world of honeybees by participating in a hands-on tour that few people get to experience! Your tour will include a beehive inspection, a short lesson about the honey bee's life cycle, jobs, and types. You will get to experience how to suit up in protective gear, light a smoker, and get up close and personal with the bees as you watch them at work in their hive. Experience the excitement as new bee babies are being born and watch as workers bring pollen in from the fields. Get a better understanding of honeybees and why their survival is so important to our world. Each tour includes: a short lesson about honeybees, an inspection with a professional beekeeper, and honey tasting fresh from the hive. 

*1 hour long

*Learn about honeybees and their hives

*Lesson in how bees pollinate
*Guided tour of a beehive
*Honey tasting fresh from the hive

*Limit of 10 people per tour

Beehive Tour

$15 Adult,


Kids 7-12

Beehive Tour

Bee to

Bottle Tour

$5 per person

*30 minutes long
*Honey tasting 

* Tour of the grounds at the farm

*Limit of 25 people per tour

A brief lesson in why bees are important to our world. Gain knowledge in how they extract nectar and pollen from flowers in our area to create honey. Experience a glance into the life of the farm. You will learn how we work bees and extract delicious honey to bottle!

School Tours

We do give school tours!  Call for group pricing today!