Bee Services

Bee Hive Inspections
Onsite Services

If you are a new beekeeper and need help, we will come to your house to help inspect your hive. 

1-2 Hive Inspection- $25 (30 minutes)

3-5 Hive Inspection-$50 (1 Hour)

1-? Hives-Onsite teaching $50 and up depending on the amount of time spent onsite.​​​

Bee Swarm Removal

If you hear a buzz in your yard and it's coming from a mound of bees the size of a basketball, give us a call!  

We will come to your house to capture your swarm of bees for free (as long as it's a swarm that is easy to get to and not a bee hive in a structure!)  

Swarms are most common in April or May!

Beginning Class

$30 per person

Beekeepers in year 0-1 ​Discussion:

*Class is approx. 2-3 hours long

*​Life Cycle of a Honey Bee

*Beekeeping jobs

*Beehive Types

*Importance of Bees

*Beekeeping Tools

*Honey Extraction​​

Beekeeping Classes

*Class is approx. 2.5-3 hours long

*​Swarm Prevention and removal

*Splitting a beehive*Disease Prevention

*Hive Aggressiveness

*Honey Extraction

​*Visit hives at Creek House Honey Farm

Intermediate Class

$30 per person

Beekeepers in years 1-4 Discussion:

Beehive Tour