CBD Beeswax Chapstick

Our CBD chapstick is super moisturizing for dry, cracked lips. It will also help heal fever blisters and cold sores! Contains full spectrum CBD oil!

CBD Healing Salve
The CBD Healing Salve is terrific for all types of skin ailments, burns, cuts, abrasions, wounds and joint pain. It contains carrier and essential oils specific for healing and full spectrum CBD oil.

CBD  Products

CBD Healing Cream

This luxurious healing cream packs a punch! It will help with relaxation, pain relief and skin ailments, and is extremely moisturizing too. Contains full spectrum CBD oil.

CBD Muscle Rub

Creek House CBD Muscle Rub acts like a bio freeze salve leaving a cooling/warming sensation and alleviating pain! Contains full spectrum CBD oil! *Keep away from face and eyes!*

CBD Healing Stick

Our CBD Healing Stick is great for all kinds of things! Use it for dry lips, cuts, burns, wounds, even eye cream!! It is a great product to throw in your purse or pocket that helps heal almost anything.

CBD Gummies
These 20 count CBD gummies are 19 mg each. Use for sleep, anxiety, or pain. Must be 18 years old to purchase. Directions for use: Start with 0.5-1 gummy for anxiety and/or pain and increase as tolerated. Use 1-2 gummies for sleep and increase as needed. Ingredients: Raw honey, sugar, gelatin, citric acid, apple juice, strawberry flavoring or lemon essential oil and full spectrum CBD.

CBD Honey
Our CBD honey is our local, raw honey combined with full spectrum CBD oil. It helps with sleep and has tranquilizing, calming and relaxing effects. Recommended dosage: 1 tsp as needed.

CBD Honey Tincture
Our CBD tincture contains our raw honey, hemp oil and full spectrum CBD oil. It helps with sleep and has tranquilizing, calming and relaxing effects. Contains full spectrum CBD oil!! Recommended dosage: .5 to 1 dropper full of tincture. Shake well before use.

CBD Face Serum
Made with carrier and essential oils designed to heal and replenish skin, our CBD face serum smells amazing too! It will reduce dark spots and circles, helps with blemishes and brighten your skin! You can also use it as a makeup primer!

Our CBD products are made in-house with full spectrum CBD oil. We are the sole manufacturers and we know the growers! Add a product to your cart if you're struggling with anxiety, body pain, or have trouble sleeping. Read more about each product we carry by scrolling through our page!